July 23, 2019

What to watch out for when writing a thesis?

When writing a diploma thesis, the student should always be based on the requirements of a particular school – even if there are general standards that determine the number of pages, content, structure, method of citing, or formal text editing, each school adjusts them to their own. And while content is of course more important than the form, from the point of view of an educational institution, the ‘improper appearance’ of a thesis may unnecessarily reduce the student’s assessment.

It is very important to plan the work very well – the timetable should be adapted to the specific content of the work – less time consuming are mostly theoretical texts, or those that analyze secondary data (such as someone who has already collected, published); work that contains their own research, or is a collection of primary data.

If it is possible, someone else should read the work done, not interested, with a good knowledge of grammar and stylistics, and at least a partial insight into the field – but even a complete non-expert may point out illogical or incomprehensibly formulated passages, typos, or grammar shortcomings that the student simply does not “see” after reading his text several times.

In conclusion, a few specific tips – not to mention parents, grandparents, nephews and nieces neglected by the supervisor, the introduction must correspond to the conclusion, the literature review should be as varied as possible, but adhere to the topic and properly refer to all used resources, results should be presented clearly, suggestions and final recommendations (or discussion) should be given the greatest attention – this is the most important part of the text and largely participates in the final evaluation. For more information, please contact the experts from our website.


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