July 22, 2019

What to watch out for before writing bachelor / master thesis?

Have you chosen a bachelor’s or master’s thesis topic (or been assigned to you) and are you instructed to start working? However, before you begin, it is advisable to prepare so-called ground underfoot. The first thing to do is to think about the goal of the work (if it was not set for you), what is the purpose of your work? Is it to prove or disprove any claim or assumption? Do you just want to summarize your experience and research? Or do you want to come up with something new and revolutionary at work? All this greatly influences your further work and the form of the whole work and the demands placed on its quality (eg work with literature).

As another very important thing, I recommend that you find out in advance whether there are any resources available to meet the goal of your job. Has anyone already dealt with the topic before you? It is quite possible that you will find foreign literature in particular on some topics. This can be a big complication for someone and it will rapidly increase the time needed to work. The second turning point can be research data. Will you be able to get them? Are they freely available or will you have to ask for them? It is no exception that after writing the theoretical part, you will find that the data you want to work with is not available, incomplete, etc. This is a very unpleasant situation and not rarely ends by having to start from scratch with a different topic final thesis.

When you clarify the goal of your bachelor’s thesis and make sure that you have some information to draw on, it is a good idea to adjust the curriculum accordingly. This is not always easy, so it is advisable to first try to find some final works on a similar topic or to find out how other authors dealt with the topic before you – of course, just as inspiration. So design your outline and ask again if everything is important and important. It is advisable to write briefly in advance to each point what it should contain. Finally, before you start processing resources, I still recommend consulting the supervisor, as he is the one who will evaluate the work. Although the goal of the bachelor’s and master’s thesis is to demonstrate the ability to work independently, it is better to be sure that you are going in the right direction. If your manager does not communicate with you or can not advise you, please take advantage of our advice on creating and drafting the final thesis on our website.


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