July 23, 2019

How to write an essay

The essay is one of the basic literary formations that a university student will almost certainly encounter. Although it is a simpler stylistic form, it requires some professional insight – both from the author and from the reader. The specific direction the author sets out is up to him – the essay provides quite a lot of freedom, allowing creativity and individual approach to the subject.

The basic consideration before writing an essay should be related to the topic – either pre-assigned and then adapted to the requirements, or the topic is free or very loosely defined – then the area that will be covered will be adapted to to be close to the author – hard to write about a problem to which we have nothing to say, we have no strong opinion on it and we are not really interested in it.

It is a good idea to find as much information as possible, the opinions of different experts (if they are contradictory, the better), to gather as diverse as possible the background to the area. When writing, the author should use rhetorical questions, which he then answers himself, he should be guided by the topic and his thoughts follow one another.

The essay should be written in a lightweight way, no complicated and complicated sentence, even rich vocabulary is merely beneficial. The basis should be inherent considerations, supported by expert opinions (properly quoted). On the contrary, the use of trivial phrases and hysterical expressions is inappropriate, it is still a technical text and the author must be aware of it. And one advice at the end – it is a good idea to leave the wording of the essay to the very end of the writing – it is easier to choose a title that best describes the whole text.

If even after reading these lines the creation of the essay does not seem to be simple, it will help you with the preparation of the essay for well-written essay.


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